March 9, 2020


Wiskerchen Cheese is actively monitoring the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation to understand potential risks and put contingency plans in place.  


Domestic Travel. We are asking all employees to use common sense when traveling domestically. No employees are required to travel for business needs at this time if they are concerned about COVID-19.

Visitors/Vendors/Contractors. We are also closely monitoring all visitors/vendors/contractors to Wiskerchen Cheese Inc. locations. This means that all visits to any Wiskerchen Cheese location MUST sign in at the Main Entrance (lobby) area, Shipping/Receiving Department, Dry Dock Receiving, Intake, Maintenance department and Northwoods Assembly's (WOW) location located by the Hallway Window. Face masks are mandatory.  All visitors will be subject to a temperature check before being granted access to our facility. 

If a visitor/vendor/contractor has symptoms of a contagious illness or has recently (i.e., within the previous two weeks) traveled to a high risk area for COVID-19, entry to our facility will not be granted 

Supply Chain Disruption. For any potential supply disruption, please contact the owners immediately. Employees responsible for ordering packaging or other components need to work with vendors in the effort to get ahead of potential disruptions in supply, or to make alternative contingency arrangements.

Coronavirus is a worldwide concern, and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to protect our employees and partners, and to also keep our business running smoothly. We will continue to monitor weekly the situation and provide updates, if anything changes. The Owners will provide information on the status, spread, and updated precautions regarding the coronavirus to your Department Head every Monday afternoon or as conditions may warrant.

Thank you,

Tom Wiskerchen-Owner
John Wiskerchen-Owner
Kathy Burnett-Owner

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