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1. Operators must check state regulatory seals beginning each day to make sure they are intact.

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2. What is the minimum required Cut-in, Cut-out check to be performed on a pasteurizer?

a)  Every half-hour

b)  At the start & end of each production run

c)  Every 3 hours

d)  At the start of each production day


3. What is the critical limit that must be maintained to ensure pasteurization of milk using a high temperature short time (HTST) pasteurizer?


4. What steps should be taken if the pasteurizer does not maintain required time & temperature?

a)  Force forward flow

b)  Contact Dept. Head or Quality Assurance

c)  Inspect Chart Recorder for divert; record reason

d)  Stop production

e)  a and b

f)  b and c

g)  b and c and d


5. It is important that the pressure differential between the pasteurized side of the plates be one (1) psi greater than the raw side of the plates.


6. What is purpose for maintaining a pressure differential in a high-temperature short-time (HTST) pasteurizer?

a)  Prevents raw milk from entering past. milk

b)  Prevents past. milk from entering raw milk

c)  Keeps equipment running efficiency

d)  Prevents scalding of milk


7. Operator is to verify that the recording thermometer and indicating thermometer are within one (1) degree.


8. Any pasteurizer issues need to be documented and reported.


9. What is the purpose of the cut-in, cut-out check on the pasteurizer?

a)  To ensure that the pasteurizer can change temperature upon request.

b)  To check for leaks in the system.

c)   To ensure the pasteurizer diverts when the temperature drops below the critical limit.

d)   To check for defects in the temperature probe.


10. Pasteurizer problems must be communicated to your Supervisor or to a Quality Assurance Manager, as soon as possible.


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