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1. What is the definition of "Hazard Analysis"?

a. Watch reruns of "The Dukes of Hazard" television show.

b. Identify sensitive ingredients or processes

c. Establish corrective actions to problems

I acknowledge review & understanding of this month's Study Guides & Files.


2. Please define "Critical Control Point"

a. An area where loss of control could result in a food safety risk

b. Any area in the building under camera surveillance

c. Areas inside the facility designated for lift truck traffic


3. Name 3 types of hazards defined by HACCP

a. Microbiological, Physical, Generic

b. Microbiological, Chemical, Physical

c. Industrial, Residential, Rural


4. What are the 2 Critical Control Points outlined in Food Safety Training?

a. First break period & Lunch break

b. Paperwork & Corrective Actions

c. Clocking In & Clocking Out

d. Pasteurization of Milk & Metal Detection


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5. Match the items below to the correct Hazard Type:

Pathogens & Toxins:

Metal & Insects:

Allergens & Pesticides:




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